AcSIR- Academy of CSIR

Establishment of AcSIR has its origins with the Kelkar Committee constituted in 2004 to review CSIR’s functioning. The Report recommended that CSIR laboratories should be encouraged to take on the role of Research University and seek Deemed University status. Later AcSIR was established in 2010 (by a resolution of GOI on July 17, 2010) and formalized by an Act of Parliament vide The Gazette of India (dated February 7, 2012) and notified on April 3, 2012 as an Institution of National Importance.

The AcSIR at NGRI aims to disseminate advanced knowledge in the field of Earth Sciences (specifically in Geophysics and Geology) through teaching and research by scientists with substantial work experiences. Emphasis is given to the emerging areas and interdisciplinary research in natural sciences having a bearing on social, economic, cultural, intellectual and academic welfare of the people. Proper measures for innovations in R&D processes are provided with the right ambiance and opportunities for linkages with appropriate industries and collaborations with reputed universities and institutions within or outside India. 

Admission Procedure

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AcSIR Admission Notice for January-2023 and August-2023

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The Ph.D programme admits students in two semester’s i.e in Fall & Spring beginning respectively from August and January.


Eligibility Criteria for PhD (Sciences) and Sponsored PhD (Sciences)

PhD (Sciences):

Candidates with a Master's degree in Science or equivalent are eligible to apply. The candidate should be having a valid National level fellowship (JRF/ SRF of various funding agencies, e.g. CSIR, UGC, DBT, DST etc.) or any other equivalent fellowship like INSPIRE, RGNF etc.

Project Assistants, Senior Research Fellows, Group-IV Scientists and Group-III Technical Staff of CSIR are also eligible to apply (as per relevant AcSIR rules).

Sponsored PhD (Sciences):

Candidates with a Master's degree in Science or equivalent are eligible to apply with endorsement from Industry, Academic or Research Institutes for required academic leave and financial support during the program.


AcSIR PhD Admission eligibility criteria for “Project Assistants”

1. Applicants can apply for PhD admission only at the institute where he/she has been in temporary employment as a Project Assistant in a sanctioned R&D project for at least one year (as on the notified last date of application for admission) and can only apply with the prior permission of the PI of the project and concurrence of the Director of the Institute.

2. The applicant should be working as a Project Assistant in a sanctioned R&D project on the date of his on-line application for admission to the PhD program and the financial assistance from the project to the applicant should be valid for at least one year from the notified date of commencement of the academic session for which the applicant is seeking PhD admission. The sanctioned projects include, projects funded by external agencies as well as projects of CSIR/ Institutes with specific provisions of fund allocation for payment to the Project Assistants etc. engaged in the project.

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