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Sl.No. Title Publish Date Last Date
1 Petrological and Geochemical Studies on the Basalts of Mandla Lobe, Eastern Deccan Volcanic Province; Implications on the Shallow Melting of a Spinel Peridotite and Crustal Contamination 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
2 Geochemistry and petrogenesis of tholeiitic dykes from the Chotanagpur Gneissic Complex, eastern India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
3 Pn tomography and anisotropic study of the Indian shield and the adjacent regions 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
4 Estimating Water Flux in a Granitic Aquifer from Temperate Profile Measurements in Borewells of a Hard Rock Region, India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
5 The suitability of surface waters from small west-flowing rivers for drinking, irrigation, and aquatic life from a global biodiversity hotspot (Western Ghats, India) 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
6 Co-seismic and Post-seismic Changes in ZTD and TEC of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
7 Evidence for reactivation of new faults and seismicity migration away from the causative fault of the 2001 MW 7.7 Bhuj earthquake, western India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
8 Thermal conductivity of granitoids of varying composition up to 300 ◦C and implications for crustal thermal models 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
9 X-Discontinuity Beneath the Indian Shield—Evidence for Remnant Tethyan Oceanic Lithosphere in the Mantle 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
10 A non-arc tectonic setting for the evolution of Archean gabbro anorthosite Complexes: Evidence from the Singhbhum Craton, eastern India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
11 U-Pb zircon age, geochemistry and petrogenesis of Mesoarchean anorthositic rocks from the Holenarsipur Greenstone Belt, Western Dharwar Craton: Implications for accretionary tectonics in southern India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
12 GPR for earth and environmental applications: Case studies from India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
13 Characterization of proposed waste disposal site of granite quarry pits near Hyderabad using hydro‐geophysical and groundwater modeling studies 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
14 Basin‐Morph (MATLAB tool) for basin morphometric characterization along the tectonically active Shillong Plateau front, India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
15 Sn wave tomography of the uppermost mantle beneath the Indian shield and its adjacent regions 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
16 2-D versus 3-D Magnetotelluric Data Interpretation: A case study from the Dharwar craton, India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
17 Paleointensity of the Earth’s magnetic Beld at 􏰊 117 Ma determined from the Rajmahal and Sylhet Trap Basalts, India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
18 Source Parameters of Shallow Microtremors Induced by Seasonal Groundwater Recharge in Hyderabad, Southern Peninsular India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
19 Role of Climate and Topography on Hydrological Characteristics of the Bharathapuzha Basin in the Tectonically Quiescent Western Ghats, India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
20 Seismic velocity images of a crystallized crustal magma‐conduit (related to the Deccan plume)
below the seismically active Kachchh rift zone, Gujarat, India 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
21 Oceanic EM damping and spectral splitting by the SD‐gram 24-11-2021 24-12-2021
22 DInSAR-based monitoring of land subsidence related to groundwater over-exploitation: example from developing urban center of Nairobi, Kenya 24-11-2021 24-12-2021

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