The Institute’s ongoing projects are classified as follows.


Title: Studies on Gas Hydrate Exploration & Technology Development for its Exploitation
Objective: * Delineating prospective zones for gas-hydrates
* Characterizing gas-hydrates reserviors
* Understanding the petroleum system
* Evaluating the resource potential
* Recommending sites for validation
Sponsor: NIOT (MoES)
Duration: 04/2004 - 06/2013 Ext. 03/2020
Participants: Dr. Kalachand Sain, Dr. N K Thakur, Dr. Uma Sankar, Dr. Maheshwar Ojha, Dr. N Satyavani.
Title: Shale gas potentiality evaluation of Damodar basin of India
Objective: * 3D high resolution seismic survey for shale gas exploration and also associated structural features of Damodar Basin.
* 3D Shallow Seismic to demarcate shale horizons, drilling Geo-chemical and petro-physical measurements.
Sponsor: CMPDI
Duration: 04/2013 - 03/2016 Ext. 05/2017 - 11/2018

Dr. H V S Satyanarayana/ Dr.  DJ Patil, Dr.T.Seshunarayana, Prof.Mrinal K Sen, Dr. R K Tiwari, P.Prabhakara Prasad, Dr.MS.Kalpana, G S Srinivas, G.Vasudevan, D.Mysaiah, KNSSS Srinivas, P.Pavan Kishore, M.Srihari, Dr. AM Dayal (Consultant)

Title: Coal Bed Methane(CBM) reserves estimation for Indian Coalfields
Objective: Development of reliable methodology for estimation of CBM reserves for carving out CBM blocks under the prevailing conditions of Gondwana coalfields and reduction of associated uncertainities.
Sponsor: CMPDI
Duration: 09/2014 - 08/2017 Ext.03/2019

Dr. H V S Satyanarayana, Dr. R K Tiwari, P.Prabhakara Prasad, Dr. D Mysaiah, K V V Seshagiri, S Srinivas, KNSSS Srinivas, P. Pavan Kishore, B R K Venkatapathi, M.Srihari Rao, K Dhanam, G Suresh

Title: Characterization, quantification and genesis of gas hydrate in Krishna-Godavari(KG) basin, Bay of Bengal using benthic foraminiferal, geochemical and geophysical studies
Objective: To pursue geophysical study to bring out a comprehensive model explaining the geological, geochemical and micro-biological outcomes pursued by ISM, Dhanbad and WIHG, Dehradun and shed light on the genesis of gas-hydrates in KG basin
Sponsor: MoES
Duration: 04/2015 - 03/2018 Ext. 03/2019
Participants: Dr. Kalachand Sain
Title: Carbon dioxide & Methane Hydrate phase stability in sandy and clay environment: Laboratory studies
Objective: * Systematic experiments proposed in this study will throw some light on the hydrate formation/dissociation kinetics on both CH4 & Co2 in porous medium.
* Methane & Carbon dioxide Hydrate formation / dissociation kinetics in porous medium.
* Stability of Hydrates at different p, T conditions.
* Study of CH4 hydrates saturation in natural cores.
Sponsor: OIDB
Duration: 07/2015 - 07/2017 Ext. 01/2019
Participants: Dr. P. S. R. Prasad