Human Resource Development Group (HRDG)

Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), a division of CSIR- National Geophysical Research Institute, is realizing in a continuous and planned way the competencies of individual employees, teams and the total organization to ensure its high level of performance, relevance and impact to achieve organizational goals. Nurturing of young and dynamic talent to achieve a high level of competency through innovative research is an integral part of the HRDG activities, thereby creating a pool of trained human resources in the field of Earth Sciences (specifically in Geophysics and Geology) having the skills or core competencies to meet current and future R&D demands of the country.

CSIR-NGRI encourages:

  1. Interactions with visiting scientists/ professors/ professionals from National/ International Institutes/ Universities/ Industries.
  2. Opportunity to attend scientific conferences in India and abroad.
  3. Seminar is a part of curriculum of PhD students at CSIR-NGRI, and postdoctoral researchers are also involved in inhouse seminars, thereby giving them ample opportunity of developing the art of scientific presentation.  

The activities of the HRDG encompasses:

  1. Training for CSIR-NGRI Staff
  2. AcSIR- Academy of Scientific Innovative Research
  3. International Fellowships
  4. Post-Doctoral Fellows
  5. Doctoral Fellows and Project Staff
  6. Summer/Winter Intern; Master’s Dissertations
  7. Skills Development
  8. On campus regulations (temporary project/research staff)

For queries related to HRDG, please contact:

Dr. Biswajit Mandal
Head HRDG & Senior Pr. Scientist

Mr. Neeraj Soni

NOTE: Student includes the research scholar / project fellow working in different projects and pursuing PhD, as well as post-doctoral scholars. The CSIR-NGRI provides all facilities to make their stay comfortable, governed by the rules framed by CSIR.