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With immense pleasure, I welcome one and all to the CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR-NGRI), a prominent organisation for geophysics and allied subjects. CSIR-NGRI continues traversing its scientific expedition by scrupulously pursuing its research objectives with emphasis on creation of new ideas, technologies, and knowledge in the fields of Geodynamic evolution of the Earth, Exploration for Natural Resources and Earthquake Hazard. Over the years, acquisition of modern computational and analytical facilities, as well as state-of-the-art field geophysical equipments, have aided and stimulated our researchers to successfully design experiments, test hypotheses and validate them, for the exploration of the earth’s interior, with special consideration to the vast Indian subcontinent. On the bedrock of its core values, it will continue to scale up in future.

The present is witnessing a steady decline in reserves of groundwater, minerals, energy resources etc, and spurring a huge demand for the same. Geo hazards like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods etc place extra onus on us, to uniquely address these challenges with respect to their geolocations. We have thus adapted a paradigm shift in our approach, from investigator driven science to mission mode projects, while emphasising on focused basic research to create knowledge based solutions that have societal relevance. Monetization of knowledge in any form, be it; private, strategic, public, or social is paramount for the development of a nation, despite the uncertain, long road leading to actual commercial realization.

CSIR-NGRI is poised to capitalize on its strong foundations with transformed approach and a committed work force of dedicated scientists, research scholars, technical and support staff in unflinchingly meeting of the expectations of CSIR, that are aligned with national requirements, as well as maintaining our focus in addressing global geo-scientific issues. I heartily welcome you to join our endeavour in exploring the Earth’s bounty.

Virendra. M.Tiwari
Director, CSIR-NGRI

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