With increasing demand for high resolution, localized studies often situated near populous areas prohibiting use of a full blown seismic surveys using explosive sources, the technique of shallow seismic studies employing vibroseis as sources have gained strength in the past decade and CSIR-NGRI has risen to the occasion with appropriate equipment and data analyses techniques. 2D seismic surveys along 70 LKM has been conducted to delineate the subsurface faults near the Kundankulam nuclear power plant site, Tamilnadu State. Delineation/characterisation of faults and lineaments by shallow seismic and borehole studies for proposed nuclear power plant sites at Kovvada, Srikakulam and Chutka, Madhya Pradesh are priority projects contributing to the national strategic/energy sectors. 3D high resolution seismic survey for shale gas exploration and associated structural features have been completed in the Damodar Basin and design of parameters for development of reliable methodology for estimation of CBM reserves for carving out CBM blocks under the prevailing conditions of Gondwana coalfields and reduction of associated uncertainties are underway.

Name Designation
Dr. Nimisha Vedanti Senior Principal Scientist
Mr. Mysaiah D Principal Scientist
Mr. Satish Kumar K Principal Scientist
Mr. Thandan Babu Naik R Principal Scientist
Mrs. Ratnamala K Principal Technical Officer
Mr. Srinivas KNSS Senior Technical Officer (2)
Mr. Pavan Kishore P Senior Technical Officer (1)
Mr. Srihari Rao M Senior Technical Officer (1)
Mrs. Dhanam K Technical Officer
Mrs. Uma Vadapalli Technical Officer


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