Dr. Abdul Azeez K. K

Senior Principal Scientist , Magnetotellurics

Dr. Abdul Azeez K. K

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Dr. Abdul Azeez K. K. received his B.Sc. degree in Physics from Mahatma Gandhi University (Kerala) and M.Sc. [Tech] degree in Marine Geophysics from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. He joined NGRI, Hyderabad in a temporary position in the year 2000 and obtained his Ph.D. from the Osmania University, Hyderabad, while working at NGRI. Dr. Abdul Azeez currently holds a permanent position as Senior Scientist at NGRI and work with the Magnetotellurics (MT) group. He is primarily interested in the effective applciation of magnetotelluric method, a deep probing natural electromgnetic tool, for earth resource exploration (Geothermal, Hydrocarbon & Mineral), tectonic and geodynamic studies. His Ph.D. research on the subsurface structure in Puga geothermal area (Ladakh, J ammu & Kashmir) revealed potential geothermal structures for geothermal power generation at a place which lack conventional resources for electric power production. He has wide experience in MT studies over complex geological terrain of India (Himalayas, Central Indian Tectonic Zone, NW India and Dharwar craton) and participated in the lone marine MT study carried out in India (Gulf of Kutch). He is a recipient of the prestigious BOYSCAST fellowship (2007-08), and carried out post-doctoral research at University of Alberta, Canada under the gudiance of Prof. Martyn Unsworth. He also received the United Nations University (Iceland) Geothermal Training fellowship (2012) and CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship (2002-2005). He has published number of research papers, addressing different topics, in reputed international and national journals. He has also participated and presented research papers, including invited presentation and talks, in several International workshops and co-authored several technical reports.