Dr.Rajeev Kumar Yadav

Scientist , Tectonic Geodesy

Dr.Rajeev Kumar Yadav


Academic Identity


Tectonic Geodesy

Research Area

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Yadav is working in the field of tectonic geodesy. The understanding of earthquake-generating processes utilizing surface deformation measurements for a reliable assessment of seismic hazard in tectonically active areas is the prime subject of his research interest. He utilizes space-based observations (such as GPS, InSAR, GRACE) to quantify precise plate motion, slip rate across active faults, strain build-up rate, etc to deal with the maximum credible magnitude of future devastating earthquakes, to characterize reservoir-triggered seismicity and non-tectonic deformations, to investigate rupture characteristics of large earthquakes and post-seismic deformations, and to detect potential landslide zones, etc. He is actively involved in the study of current crustal deformation within the Indian subcontinent including Northwest and Northeast Himalaya, Koyna-Warna Maharastra, Aravalli-Delhi fold belt, Indo-Burmese Wedge, Kachchh paleo-rift basin, etc and worldwide seismically active major zones.