Dr. Tanvi Arora

Tanvi ARORA did M.Tech (Geophysics) from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. She carried out her doctoral research at CSIR-NGRI as the Senior Research Fellow (CSIR-SRF) and was awarded PhD from Osmania University in 2008. She was awarded the “Sandwich Fellowship” from France Government and she completed a part of her thesis at CEREGE-CNRS, Aix-en-Provence in France. Since 2008, Dr. Arora is working as Scientist at NGRI with specialization in Hydro-Geophysics. She highlighted the importance of unsaturated zone in the work completed and it is supported that recharge is the most important component of groundwater balance. She carried out both theoretical and field studies to pursue the doctoral thesis towards relationship between electrical resistivity and soil moisture in the unsaturated zone of hard rock terrenes. She is involved in various Research oriented projects of National as well as International repute which include the projects sponsored by UNESCO, European Union and Government of Africa. She has presented her research work in different continents. 

Being a Hydrogeophysicist, she is interested towards the development of geoelectrical methods (including Self-potential, electrical resistivity and induced polarization). She is also interested in the application of these methods to a variety of problems including the contamination of aquifers, time lapse measurements for effective recharge, vadose zone properties, lithological characterisation, as well as finding suitable zone of recharge as a point measurement. 

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